Immagine 4It is beginning a collaboration with the Company Light Progress, Anghiari (Italy) which has been involved in the design and production of UV-C ray equipment for more than 20 years.

Light Progress is a leading company in the National and International panorama pioneering in the study of the use of UV-C rays already in the early ’80’s. The broadest “field” experience and useful applications in completely different sectors, allow light Progress to offer a wide range of products.

The collaboration with technicians of the major food industries, doctors specialized in various orientations, universities, and research institutes has given a broad cross-sectors experience of the efficiency of their UV-C products. For this reason, despite the capacity already acquired over the years, Light Progress invests a great portion of its resources in the Research and Development of new applications and increasingly better results.

Light Progress offers the possibility to solve many problems regarding the sanitization of environments both in the medical field and the food field in the production and processing phases. Additionally, the complete series of UV devices can be applied for sterilization of the air, the water, and everything that can be exposed to radiation.

With more than 1,000 installations in as many companies, design of “custom” transporter belt equipment, packaging machinery, white rooms, and air conditioning installations (HVAC) Light Progress develops extreme potentialities, earning the trust of clientele.